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Shova Gyawali

I have been wearing Kallisto Designs since inception. Over the years I have seen Kallisto transform into a couture that can compete internationally and make a unique place for itself. Anu as a designer has her signature hand painting style

Shreejana Rana

Anu’s hand-painted designs are a breath of fresh air amongst the myriad of outfits that get lost in the pile. I am especially fond of her sarees: each crafted with the utmost precision and care, every piece unique and elegant.

Neeva Pradhan Mathema

“One Human, A Woman’s Touch” -Kallisto Designs You have become a household name, A brand, a design, distinctive and pure. One gaze at your unique print lifts eyebrows forces a second glance. Personally, for me, it lifts my spirits. First, to know

Soni Joshi

Kallisto is a special place to shop not only for the array of beautiful designs but also for the warmth and exuberance that Anu always extends with her sweet and charming demeanor. It is synonymous with style and elegance and
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