Bringing Art into Fashion

Hand painted timeless designs with the perfect blend of glamour, comfort and confidence. SHOP NOW
Bringing Art into Fashion Hand painted timeless designs with the perfect blend of glamour, comfort and confidence. SHOP NOW

Bringing Art into Fashion

Hand painted timeless designs with the perfect blend of glamour, comfort and confidence. SHOP NOW


Shova Gyawali Director of Nepal Republic Media

I have been wearing Kallisto Designs since inception. Over the years I have seen Kallisto transform into a couture that can compete internationally and make a unique place for itself. Anu as a designer has her signature hand painting style but the versatility in her design and the unique material she uses gives a fresh, elegant and chic look for every season.

Shreejana Rana President of Hotel Association Nepal

Anu’s hand-painted designs are a breath of fresh air amongst the myriad of outfits that get lost in the pile. I am especially fond of her sarees: each crafted with the utmost precision and care, every piece unique and elegant. There was a time when I chose to wear Indian sarees at national and international conventions and wondered whether I could ever be dressed in a quality designer piece that was made in Nepal. But, since Anu has stepped into the picture, her designs have come to my rescue on multiple occasions. Not only do her outfits make me feel beautiful but I feel tremendous pride in wearing them and saying it is ‘Made in Nepal’.

Neeva Pradhan Mathema President, Rotary Club Kathmandu Midtown, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Corporate Trainer, Leadership & Stress Management, The Art of Living Foundation, Social worker, Author, Philanthropist

“One Human, A Woman’s Touch” -Kallisto Designs You have become a household name, A brand, a design, distinctive and pure. One gaze at your unique print lifts eyebrows forces a second glance. Personally, for me, it lifts my spirits. First, to know another human, a woman concocted this fantastic creation. Then to adorn that exquisite silk a one of a kind print, innovation, invention brings an elevated state of mind to be wrapped in such fabric. Quite unparalleled and untouched by one human, a woman’s touch!

Soni Joshi Social Entrepreneur & Gender Advocate

Kallisto is a special place to shop not only for the array of beautiful designs but also for the warmth and exuberance that Anu always extends with her sweet and charming demeanor. It is synonymous with style and elegance and its extensive range of designs. Anu and her wonderful team always ensure an eclectic selection so that no matter how often you visit there is always something to tempt you. Shopping here is always a delightful experience.

Meekha Mathema Education and Scholarship

Dear Anu, I have enjoyed all your exquisite products. My name is Meekha Mathema. I travel to South Korea and America often and have always visited the boutique to buy scarves, dresses, and shirts to give as gifts. It is an ideal gift to take from Nepal when traveling since it is light weight and beautiful, vibrant and appealing. Old and young have all appreciated the gifts. There are colors to suit every mood and season. Even when I wear jeans, I use the scarves and it gives me a more formal look to go to meetings or lunch with friends.

Moon Pradhan Director Advocacy, Awareness and Legislative, Zonta Club Kathmandu

I love wearing Saris for special occasions but never wanted to wear the Saris commonly available in the market. When Anu started Kallisto, it became my source for special saris with lovely hand-painted designs. I have worn her designs at most of my events where I need to go on stage and I have received accolades for looking good from not only Nepalis but Indians and Bangladeshis too. I love her Georgette designs that drape around my body sensually to make me look better and give me the confidence I need to walk tall. Even her designs in Kurtas, tops and shawls have brought me a lot of compliments from as far as the US (all thanks to pictures posted in social media). I have worn her pashmina, hand-painted shawl, as a scarf on my TV show and it was an instant hit. Thank you, Anu Shrestha and Kallisto for making me look beautiful so I do my thing with confidence. Thank you.

Sanjeevani Yonzon Shrestha Director of Wildlife Conservation Nepal

I feel Kallisto is truly a perfect amalgamation of art and clothes. Every product is an authentic art piece. I am so proud of this Nepali brand that has effortlessly translated Nepali wearable art and culture onto the global platform with so much panache. It has managed to set examples in many ecosystems like responsible business, art and fashion all at once! The fact it is led by a woman with great ethics and thoughtfulness is a tremendous inspiration for uncountable women around the globe. Every time I wear Kallisto, it makes me feel special, confident and happy! They are also clothes that can be worn and relished for a very long time- which really appeals to me as an environmentalist. I think everyone deserves a Kallisto in their wardrobe and I wish Kallisto more success in the future and can't wait what innovations will come forth from this mindful company.

Sameera Uddin Director of Exotic Food Nepal

Kallisto has been my style statement. For me, any special occasion comes I rush to Kallisto and I must say that they have never failed. From ethnic wear like sarees and kurtas to western tops /dresses they come up with the best of designs, fit, quality and uniqueness. Also the customer service is par excellence. I confess I am not so easy (read fussy) customer but Kallisto team has been ever so patience and kind. That is much appreciated. I wish Kallisto whole lot of creativity for the days to come. Cheers !
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