Who are we?

With two decades of experience in the fashion industry, Anu Shrestha established Kallisto Designs with the vision of promoting Nepali crafts worldwide. Kallisto meaning “most beautiful” in Greek, invokes willpower and effervescence. Embodying her personal and professional philosophy, the name Kallisto dwells in positivity as it describes the essence of the brand which is dedicated in creating exquisite wearable pieces of art.

 Our collections are an amalgamation of culture, tradition and stimulating silhouette which has been admired nationally and internationally. Often lauded for our precedence in Nepali silk and cashmere products, and we offer an array of hand-painted sarees, kaftans, ponchos, scarves, shawls and more in beautiful, contemporary fusion of colours. We specialize in intricate detailing and distinctiveness as each products are individually hand painted. Our in-depth understanding of style allows us to create unique, elegant designs which are in vogue and exclusive to each client. 

Kallisto Designs attempts to integrate fashion and consciousness. With our mission to advance sustainable and ethical fashion, we use the highest quality fabrics coloured with eco-friendly dyes which are natural or low impact azo-free. Implementing and encouraging responsible creation as well as conscious shopping, we promote home grown silk products, hand painted by skilled local artisans.

Founder and Designer: Anu Shrestha

Born and raised in Kathmandu, a city with rich traditions, architecture and culture, Anu Shrestha was mesmerized by art at a young age. This creative outlet for self-expression enabled her to explore and develop her passion for fashion. Her collections portrays the rich Nepali culture in exquisite detail – the fabrics and the designs together bring out her creativity, passion and expertise.

Best known for her bold designs, she is much revered in the industry for producing hand crafted, classic designs with her commitment to slow fashion. Anu has been working towards strengthening the livelihoods of artisans and craft producers in Nepal, to create fair employment opportunities and produce timeless, exemplary clothing. Being a supporter of women empowerment, she is a part of various women’s organizations which work towards advancement of women’s self-sustenance and women’s rights.

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